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Minister Of Works And Supply Honourable Felix Mutati Inspires Workers At Government Printers

AS a way of igniting the positive sense of belonging as well as inculcating the notion of embracing the policy of the Transformation Agenda for Government Printing Department, Minister of Works and Supply Honourable FELIX MUTATI spent this morning with Government Printers staff.

Mr MUTATI who was accompanied by Permanent Secretary MS AGNESS MUSUNGA, Director Human Resource MR WEZI LUKHELE and other senior Ministry officials.

He observed the zeal and preparedness by workers to embrace the Transformation Agenda that will revitalise Government Printers as it prepares to undertakes the printing of 2021 ballot papers and other government documents.

“If you have printed these ballot papers for all these years, how can you fail to print for one election. Even these by-elections that are taking place you can manage. So, we will start engaging with the Electoral Commission of Zambia and Examination Council of Zambia, on what they want us to do as GPD will have the capacity to satisfy their demand” he said.

The Minister commended the staff for remaining committed to work and urged them to transform starting with their mindset by focusing on solutions to their challenges.

MR MUTATI said “you should not be perfecting problems but focus on finding solutions so as to meet the objectives of the Transformation Agenda since everything is within your hands”.

He also abated their fears of possible job losses in this process by stating that transformation is not equivalent to privatisation.

“Transformation is not equivalent to privatisation. Nobody is going to privatise Government Printers. If there are rumours that it is going to be privatised, its not possible. There will be no privatisation,” he said.

MR MUTATI urged them to guard the institution jealously and avoid the notion of always looking up to Government to resolve everything because the transformation of GPB begins and ends with them.

He also said in achieving the success that is needed, everyone should get involved and see to it that the environment they operate from is habitable hence the need to embrace the concept of cleanliness.

“Cleanliness should be the state of our mindset because it is the beginning of order, progress and harmony. If you work in an untidy environment you can’t expect optimum output,” he said.

MR MUTATI said Government is interested in the professional aspect of the staff and will train them so that they adapt to current trends in the printing world and be able to compete favourably with others.

“Government is in full support, we are going to put in money, to recapitalise Government Printers. We will train as many as possible, even those that refuse will be forced until they acquire the necessary skill in the transformed GPD,” he said as staff applauded.

He said unless Government and the staff work together there will be resistance in implementation and should be owned by them for it to work. He promised them that there will be more interaction and information flow throughout the transformation process.


And chairperson for Workers Representative MR EMMANUEL NYENDWA, in a vote of thanks commended the Minister for finding time to interact with the staff at Government Printers adding that his visit has inspired them tremendously and are looking forward to the success of the Transformation Agenda.

Some members of staff also welcomed the positive message of revival of the institution with one MS PATRICIA SHEMA who said they are ready for transformation while her colleague MS MAJE MALIKU who joined in 1990 has witnessed the printing of ballot papers for 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006 said there is a lot of passion from the staff to strengthen the institution.






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