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Government printing department

The role of the Government Printing Department is to provide quality printing services to Government and other stakeholders in order to facilitate production of statutory instruments, legislative documents and other Government publications.

The Department performs the following specific functions:

  1. Undertake printing and publication of: – Institutional framework for the Unit and Legislative instruments which include among others, the following:
  • statutory instruments
  • National Assembly Bills
  • Acts of Parliament
  • Presidential Assents and Gazettes
  • Government Statutory reports and other legislative documents
  • Laws of Zambia and Law reports
  • Preliminary Budget Estimates and approved Budget Estimates (Yellow Book)
  • Sale of Government publications to MPSAs, public and other stakeholders
  • Provide technical guidance on printing matters to the Government and other stakeholders
  • Binding of parliamentary proceedings, Auditors Generals reports and other Government documents
  • Maintenance and upgrading of printing equipment
  • Undertake Graphic Designing, editing, die cutting and hot-foiling of printing works
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of quality assurance management programs
  • Facilitate printing of programs for Cabinet and other state functions
  • Stereo cast and issue Government date stamps.

The Department is divided into two (2) Sections and one (1) Unit as follows: –

  • Lithographic Section
  • Letterpress Section
  • Gazette Unit.

Lithographic Section

The section is responsible for processing electronic text and graphics origination using positive and negative (+ve and -ve) film Composition, Computer to Plate (CtP) technology and Lithographic Printing process.

Letterpress Section

This section is responsible for Letterpress Printing process, through various Printing Technologies, Post Press, Engineering and Dispatch.

Gazette Unit

The Unit is responsible for editing statutory instruments, Gazette Publications, National Assembly Bills, Presidential Assents, Acts of Parliament and Laws of Zambia.

Administration Unit

The role of the Administration Unit provides human resource, financial and administrative support services to the Department.